What is TCAA?


TCAA members are experienced BAC-signatory ceramic tile contractors who save time and money for their customers through professional installations, supervision, efficient management and - most of all - unparalleled craftsmanship. TCAA works with its members and industry partners in every way to enhance this reputation.

TCAA is Skilled Craft Workers

TCAA members benefit from superior training, education and apprenticeship programs. This is accomplished through TCAA's partnership with the International Masonry Institute, the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, and the industry's best manufacturers and suppliers. Our programs keep TCAA members up-to-date on new products, new systems and the latest technology that enables them to perform superior installations and generate consistent customer satisfaction.

TCAA is Technical PeRformance

TCAA plays an important role in the development and review of technical standards such as the TCNA Ceramic Tile Handbook and ANSI A108, and on all aspects of tile installations and product standards. The input we provide helps to ensure that industry standards and specifications reflect best practices in the installation of tile products.

TCAA is Sharing and Support

TCAA is comprised of the country's most experienced and efficient tile contractors. Their combined knowledge and expertise makes them a powerful force within the industry and an outstanding resource for their peers. By sharing new ideas and solutions, our members provide valuable support to tile contractors facing challenges created by industry and societal changes.

TCAA is Your Future

TCAA is committed to the future and betterment of the ceramic tile industry. We believe that future lies in the utilization of highly skilled union craftworkers. We seek to increase our members' market share by educating architects, designers, general contractors and the public on the superiority and value of this craftsmanship and offer tangible evidence of this through our Trowel of Excellence certification. Only TCAA tile contractors who meet stringent qualifications criteria are eligible to receive the Trowel of Excellence.

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It's an investment in your industry and your business that will pay significant dividends today, tomorrow and in the future.

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